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Veteran Testimonial Bruce 1080p Bruce Burner

“What a great experience with Bruce Burner and his team. We bought our home in 2016 and needed some information now. Bruce was more than happy to assist. Thanks to Benchmark and Bruce for amazing customer service.”

– Barrie C. |

“Catherine and I have owned eight houses in six states so when we say Bruce Burner, Cindy France, Melissa Schmitz and the entire Benchmark organization are far and away the absolute best in the mortgage business, we actually have enough experience to make a comparison. They processed our loan application and closing with the highest level of service, courtesy, superb communication, amazing efficiency, friendliness, and professionalism we’ve ever experienced. They handled everything faster and as as close to “painless and worry-free” as humanly possible. I was never treated like a “customer”…I felt like a valued friend from the outset. I wouldn’t work with anyone else and I’d enthusiastically recommend Bruce and his team to anyone looking for a home in the Shenandoah Valley…or anywhere else in the world.”

– Michael and Catherine M.

“My husband and I bought a home in July. We are very pleased with how helpful Bruce and Melissa were through the whole process. They are very professional and knowledgeable and I highly recommend Benchmark Mortgage when purchasing a home! They are awesome and we will definitely choose them again for the future!”

– Dana A.

“Bruce and his team are the best! He is always available for me and my clients and always closes on time. When someone is qualified with Bruce, I know we are good to go! His knowledge of the market and how he educates the buyers bring a soothing quality to an otherwise anxiety filled time.”

– Holly G.

“Bruce and his team make the buying of my home much easier than I thought it would be. They answered every question and made me feel very at ease with the process. Everything was streamlined to make a situation that is normally unnerving, very convenient and understandable. I would recommend Bruce and his team to anyone who wants to buy a home!”

– Debi L.

“Came to Bruce Burner at Benchmark Mortgage on the advice of a real estate professional who knew Bruce because I had “special requirements” and didn’t want to be handled like another VA or HUD rubber stamp operation.

Dealing with Bruce and his “team” was among the most professional, authentic and class act experiences in decades. Mr. Burner was very insightful. He answered questions thoughtfully and at the right time that I didn’t even know I needed to ask, from – current housing market to the best approaches for different mortgages. Mr. Burner was prepared to meet my special needs with a sound variety of approaches with a foundation of “we can do that, this way!” and then he would outlined the approaches and options quite clearly.

Bruce is also backed by a very professional, well-automated,highly effective and exacting support team. It was obvious Bruce had assembled a highly effective TEAM that all worked towards the primary goal of MAKING IT HAPPEN FOR ME. Key words here would be “authentic”, “performance” and “effective”.

Bruce and his team do more than just make mortgages happen in a good way, what they REALLY DO IS MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE. Bruce and his team will always ranks on the top of my list of heroes, forever. I experienced no limitations to their professionalism or abilities.

If Benchmark was listed on the stock market, I’d be buying a lot of it for the growth that is sure to come through authentic excellence and service!

Thanks Bruce and Melissa, from the heart; will never forget what you did for me and how easily you guys made the magic happen in such a good way.


– John S.

“Bruce is one of the most knowledgeable, intelligent, focused, dedicated and hard working persons I have ever had the pleasure to work with. It is rare that you find someone that has at many intellectual assets as they do technical and you have that in Bruce. We have stayed in regular contact since working together and often reflect back to our time working together with a smile and pride in what we were able to accomplish. I enjoyed working with Bruce and would welcome the opportunity to do so again.”

– R. Aaron W.

“Bruce has handled several financial transactions for me and my family in the past. He is honest, caring and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of mortgages, brokerage and refinancing. I consider him not only as a trusted professional, but as a friend.”

– Alfred B.

“Bruce handled several real estate financing transactions for me with top notch professionalism, expertise, and reliability.”

– Douglas R.

“Bruce is an excellent Loan Officer and Branch Manager. I highly recommend him.”

– Kirk F.

“Bruce has a deep and detailed knowledge of the Mortgage Industry as well as an excellent work ethic that enables him to consistently complete projects in a professional and timely manner.”

– Phil S.

“Now that the home buying process has ended and moving is almost done, I would like to take a moment and thank you once again for the amazing service provided by you and your staff. It was nice to be able to work with someone that was so easy to contact and kept me well informed during the whole process. Even while you were out of the area, the fact that you still kept in contact was very unexpected, and it shows that you clearly care about not only getting the job done, but also the people you are working with. From start to finish, I was assured that you had my best interests in mind when making decisions, which was very nice to know!”

– Joe

“Bruce is a great guy ..loved every minute of my experience of buying my first house,I think everybody should go though him to buy a home …He can make anything happen…”

– John J.


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